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If you’re a business energy customer, you are more than likely to be eligible for compensation. We can help you claim back the money you are owed.

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Reduce My Bills vs Business Energy Brokers

When you are looking for a business energy broker, you will now undoubtedly come across the services of Reduce My Bills, the new standard in Business Energy Consultancy.

It is however, a good idea to familiarise yourself with the difference between the two, to ensure you pick the right option for your business.

A business energy broker will look to help you save money on your business energy by securing a new tariff.

Reduce My Bills Ltd on the other hand bring a tech-first, hands on approach to an obviously broken energy market. We offer a more holistic service, including ongoing advice on how to manage your energy usage and strategy.

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How does a business energy broker make money?

The most common way for business energy brokers to make money is through commission. Energy brokers will negotiate this with the business energy supplier when trying to obtain your contract.

The commission is normally calculated at a unit rate per kilowatt hour, and then added to the kWh unit cost of actually using your gas or electricity as set by your supplier. The more business energy you use, the greater the energy broker’s commission will be. Many business owners mistakenly believe they are not paying any broker commission, because it doesn’t appear as a separate charge on their energy bill.

Per kWh commission is not the only way energy brokers can be paid, however. Some brokers will take a share of savings payment. This is when the broker will be paid a percentage of the amount you saved on your energy bill by using their services. You should make sure you confirm how your broker is calculating these ‘savings’ before agreeing to this payment metho

At Reduce My Bills we believe a more straightforward and transparent way of operation is through our subscription service. This is where we agree on a fixed monthly fee for utilising our procurement expertise and pricing options, portal access and account management.


Some energy brokers will use the sector’s lack of official regulation to take advantage of their customers by hiding commissions in their customers’ contracts without informing them. If you did not receive a full written disclosure from your broker, or felt pushed into a deal by your broker without fully understanding its terms and conditions, you may be eligible to make a business energy claim on the grounds that you were mis-sold the contract.

Whichever option you decide is best for your business, it is of the utmost importance to get a full written disclosure of how your energy broker is earning money from your contract, including all commission, charges and fixed fees.

Reduce My Bills are experts in eliminating business waste allowing complete visibility of energy costs and consumption through the use of data and AI technology whilst taking nothing away from the expertise within our Account Management Team. We have already helped many businesses recover undisclosed commissions through our Free Energy Audit, so why not talk to us today and see for yourself how we can help you.


Start a claim with us today. Once you've submitted everything we need we will do the rest, and find out how much your claim is worth.

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