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When Google automated algorithms it created a situation which dominated the internet allowing for websites to move information much quicker at lower costs. In 2023 the same can be said for the introduction of AI. And even though the majority of people are sceptical about the future of this unknown quantity, many of those who understand and appreciate its capabilities know that AI data management has a long term future.

AI in data management relies on metadata analysis and activation. AI focuses on the finer details and can detect deviations in data usage. It works in a way that can automate and optimise data management, giving businesses greater freedom to spend less time managing their infrastructure and more time to focus on the important aspects of building their business.

AI technology is going to play a fundamental role in the future

At RMB we have the technology to look closer at what is going on, and we know how critical utility cost management can be for businesses.

The AI technology we have at our disposal has the capabilities to cost control and save you money. The AI software looks at utility expenses, such as electricity, water, gas and heating. All of which can constitute a significant proportion of a business’s operating costs.

The RMB technology monitors, analyses and controls these expenses, leading to potential cost savings and improving financial performance.

In turn this hi-tec approach enables the customer to look at budgeting and planning. By closely managing those utility costs the businesses can create more accurate budgets and financial forecasts. Having predictable utility costs enables better planning which could free up finances earmarked for other operational and strategic initiatives.

The technological advancements continue to allow the industry to evolve with the use of solutions that offer greater levels of efficiency and cost savings. The utility cost management focuses on strategy that involves staying up to date with these advancements. Decisions can be made through the use of data. Gathering and analysing data delivers and provides insights into patterns of usage, identifying areas of inefficiency which can be quickly rectified.

Through the use of the data findings energy efficiency improvements can be made. Not just the managing of utility costs, but also looking at possible upgrades in equipment, implementing energy-efficient technologies, optimising building systems and changing operational practices.

In summary, a successful utility costing process is essential for optimising financial performance. This new technology can ensure regulatory compliance takes place, the minimising of environmental impact, enhances a businesses overall sustainability and competitiveness. And all of this can be achieved through monitoring, analysing and the control of energy usage.

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