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The past few years have been challenging times for the care home industry with many in the sector facing well over 100% increases in their bills.

The importance of the sector means that these facilities can not afford to allow their residents to sit through the winter months in the cold, giving the owners two options. Either they decide to close the homes for good or struggle to find a positive solution to their problems.

It was reported in the Guardian newspaper that a typical care home with 50 residents was spending in the region of £50,000 annually on gas and electricity, but with hikes in place that figure could almost double in price.

The care home sector are gearing up for yet another cold winter

Nadra Ahmed, executive chair of the National Care Association, said the energy price crisis “will make some providers feel they are unsustainable”.

“We can’t turn the heating off,” she said. “We need it running all the time. I think the impact is going to be substantial, especially through the winter months.”

Taking into consideration that the care home sector has been forgotten by the government for additional aid now that the Energy Bill Relief Scheme has ended. It is now more important than ever that the sector looks at other avenues where they can cut back on utility expenditure.

At Reduce My Bills we now provide a cost guarantee. Our minimum policy and commitment is that we identify savings equivalent to at least the subscription fee over the three years. And if we don't, we will refund the difference. It’s as simple as that.

Receive a cost guarantee when you subscribe with Reduce My Bills

To simplify that. It means whatever the total amount of cost equates over the 3 year period, we will contractually guarantee that we will save you more, otherwise you will receive a refund.

The Reduce My Bills way is a cost saving model NEVER a cost incurring model.

Get in touch and speak to the team who are here to take you through a very simple process.

0333 090 2005

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