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A recent report in The Guardian highlighted that almost thirty percent of companies have engaged with a broker to procure a business energy supply contract but unlike the middlemen who market mortgages or insurance deals, the energy intermediaries are largely unregulated.

Research has also shown that at least 15,500 compensation claims are currently being pursued with an astonishing £2.5 billion pounds now at stake.

Interview by ITV Consumer Editor Chris Choi

The recent ITV news segment has highlighted the undisclosed commission element further and it is a natural instinct to believe the whole broker, third party introducer process is flawed.

Unfortunately the actions and unscrupulous behavior of a few have tarnished many.

Reduce My Bills Limited are advancing on a journey to provide transparent and ethical solutions to their customer base, within a marketplace that can be somewhat difficult to navigate.

With planning and preparation we believe we have delivered an alternative option and approach which delivers the necessary transparency business owners so desperately need.

RMB is about saving the customer money, not charging them. And that is why we simply charge a subscription fee with no commissions and most certainly no hidden costs.

Request a call and allow RMB to show you a clearer future.


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