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The Power of Networking - RMB Becomes Member of East Lancs Chamber of Commerce

Neil Farrar-Smith, Head of Sales at Reduce My Bills recently attended the Lancashire Business View monthly event held at West Lancashire College in Skelmersdale.

It was the first event that Reduce My Bills had been invited to since becoming a subscriber to

the LBV. And it was a perfect way of introducing ourselves to the community and the fellow

business owners within the county.

Being at the monthly gathering of regional businesses allowed Neil to share the vision of RMB and talk to fellow subscribers about the recent advertorial which was featured in the

September/October edition of the prestigious LBV magazine.

The article featured an interview with RMB Managing Director Ryan Haigh, where he talks about the unique offering of RMB and the benefits of using such a revolutionary product. The

opportunity also gave Neil the time to meet and converse with like minded business owners and share ideas. The event which celebrates excellence and provides a platform for sharing success was massively important for RMB to be in attendance.

To read Ryan Haigh's interview featured in the LBV September/October edition please click the link below:

During the event Neil spoke with many of the LBV subscribers for the first time, including

Stephen Lane from the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Stephen is the Membership Recruitment Executive and Neil was able to learn more about the importance of the Chamber of Commerce and how it plays a fundamental role in connecting businesses throughout the county and beyond.

The event in Skelmersdale was also showcased in one of our previous blogs appearing within our media section:

It was also whilst at the LBV event in Skelmersdale that Neil was able to invite Stephen to the

RMB Head Offices in Barrowford for a meeting with management and staff to show him in much more detail the unique offering of products and services.

Stephen had recently taken RMB up on their invitation and visited the offices to meet the staff and spend time in conversation with both the Managing Director Ryan Haigh and Finance Director Reegan Haigh to share thoughts and ideas on growth and potential customer opportunities.

Neil Farrar-Smith meeting Stephen Lane at the LBV event in Skelmersdale

Stephen spoke at length about the benefits of becoming a member of the East Lancashire

Chamber of Commerce. Some of those benefits include; making business contacts, acquiring

customer referrals, increasing the business profile within the community and possibly gaining a voice in government if necessary. The meeting was an extremely productive and resounding success and after consideration Reegan decided it would certainly benefit RMB to be a part of the commerce family in East Lancashire and subsequently become a member.

Getting the thoughts of Reegan about becoming a member, he said; “Its natural that RMB forms key strategic partnerships of this nature as we progress our journey. While we have been in this industry for some 33yrs, the RMB subscription model is relatively new. This means we are still evolving, but rest assured we already have a dynamic and innovative product fit for the market. This is why we spent a full year designing and developing pre-launch. We are also very proud of our proprietary software which brings AI to the utilities and business services arena. Our mission is of exponential scale as we penetrate more of the SME market place. Having partners such as the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce will support us along the road map we have set.”

During Stephen’s visit we also gathered the thoughts of RMB Head of Sales, Neil Farrar-Smith, he said; “It is a real pleasure to be part of the team which delivers such a rounded and complete package. We are aiming to develop deeper relationships both with our partners and customers. We feel that by acting as close confidants we are delivering something different. The RMB subscription model allows us to play a leading part in how our customers navigate eight key business overheads. By becoming part of the team, it enables us to review, to acknowledge and more importantly to understand the specific nature of each of our customers requirements. This then leads to ‘best in class’ support and further results in our ability to save our customers much greater amounts than they will ever pay towards the subscription fees. Notwithstanding, we then simply contractually guarantee the savings, thus, our model is perfect, never resulting in cost only savings”

RMB are now embarking on the beginning of the formal relationship with the East Lancashire

Chamber of Commerce which will entail inter alia, numerous networking events, access to the c500 business members, and also provide meetings, presentations and endorsements. A

fantastic opportunity for RMB to showcase their unique products to a much wider audience.

Over the next month or so and leading into 2024 Neil will be attending more events within the

county and sharing far and wide our unique selection of business services.

If you would like to speak to the team about our range of products please request a call back.

0333 090 2005

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