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According to reports from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero the UK could see a surge of up to 35% gas costs for generating electricity compared to previous estimates.

And from these findings the Department of Energy Security also believes that renewable energy sources will become even more cost effective than first thought.

The report carried out found that offshore wind would become 23% cheaper whilst the onshore wind and solar projects will be in the region of 4% and 7% cheaper, respectively.

I’m sure that over the next ten years we’ll see even larger volumes of wind and solar energy projects being sourced.

Solar Farm

Solar Energy UK responded to the estimates with a call for attention to the potential of what solar power can bring to the industry.

The confirmation that solar farms offer the most cost effective way to generate electricity in the UK is seen as a wake up call and the path towards a better and cleaner future by Solar Energy UK. And it does seem as though solar power could be the answer to achieving net zero emissions in the future.

Many have always looked towards Solar energy as being the future, but with even more data readily available it’s now becoming clearer that this is the way to go in the long term.

In an article in the Energy Live News, Chis Hewett, Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK, said: “This is yet another ringing endorsement of solar energy in the UK and further justification for the government’s target to reach 70GW of capacity by 2035.

“In Britain, power generated by the sun is now a third of the cost of power made from burning gas and it will only get cheaper. The fastest way to permanently drive down energy bills is to build more renewables.”

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