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You agree to pay all Charges as invoiced and accept that the invoice relates to a ‘one-off’ procurement service of the service product identified


The Service Supplier will provide a panel of suppliers, where possible, who will detail commission free tariff options over various contractual terms for the Subscriber Clients perusal and acceptance.


Services include but are not limited to, Electricity, gas and water. 

Any tariffs provided by The Service Supplier are the best available to the Subscriber Client on that day.


All prices can fluctuate daily and any delay in accepting a tariff may see an increase or decrease in the tariff prices available.


The subscriber Client acknowledges and accepts upon entering this Agreement that any Tariff or Price Plan accepted at the point the Agreement is entered into will be the fixed tariff rate during the length of the Agreement and that such will not be impacted or revised irrespective of whether market rates increase or decrease unless advised to the contrary by the tariff supplier directly.


It is assumed that by signing this agreement it is the responsibility of The Subscriber to notify The Service Supplier of all current and future supply agreements already in place.  The Service Supplier cannot be held accountable for any issues that arise as a result of having agreed multiple contracts for anyone service.


You agree to provide us with accurate and complete related information to allow Reduce My Bills Ltd as the Service provider to provide an accurate assumption and quotation.  You will receive an electronic (paperless) bill unless you tell us you want a paper bill. 

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