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We’ve been in this industry for 33 years. And, in an industry which is rapidly moving forward, with our state of the art technology, we are constantly moving forward with it.

RMB is our new way of doing things, and we are about two years into the journey, the first being pure development of our unique proprietary software, whilst ensuring that our products are the very best for customer satisfaction. So when you think about it, after just one year of being  live in the market, with over 1000 customers already, the more of them we speak to, the more they realise why we have created this unique proposition.

Once customers are completely intergrated they see the full technological qualities, really 'feel' the account manager support & have had time to benefit from our market leading procurement

So we have to be perfectly timed when sharing our positive customer experiences. We can’t bang on our chest too early.

On entering this phase of our journey we are getting some amazing customer feedback & will soon be phasing a series of great testimonials & great case studies.

Until then, please do read the ones here and a number of new ones will shortly follow.

Recently updated 09/12/23



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